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Is a set of resources to help you learn more about Ethereum. This page includes technical and non-technical articles, guides, and resources. If you’re totally new to Ethereum, we suggest you start here.

Crypto questions, answered

Beginner guides, practical tips, and market updates for first-timers, experienced investors, and everyone in between

Binance Academy

Your one-stop guide to all things crypto. Whether you're a rookie trying to understand mining or a veteran looking to develop a trading strategy, we've got you covered.

Earn crypto while learning about crypto

Discover how specific cryptocurrencies work — and get a bit of each crypto to try out for yourself.

Starter Tips




  • Cryptocurrencies are actual coins that have their own Blockchain whereas tokens are launched and or traded on existing blockchains. 

  • Tokens can become coins if they develop their own blockchain.

  • You should have multiple wallets to store your cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other assets.


  • It's okay to have multiple accounts on the exchanges, this not only helps to manage the risk but also provides more opportunity.

  • The more accounts the more access you get to cryptocurrency coins because no exchange provides every coin or token.

  • You will want to have these accounts set up before you want to cash out due to volatility in the market and exchanges being flooded with new investors.

  • For example - if you don't have an account on a particular exchange and you go to "cash-out" or sell your cryptocurrency you may have missed the opportunity due to the sole reasoning of waiting for the exchange to verify your account. 

- Don't Delay Set up your accounts today! 

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